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Scholarship Categories

Kathleen Fisher Memorial Scholarship (Freshmen through Senior)
​The GardenComm Kathleen Fisher Memorial Scholarship is made in recognition of Kathleen Fisher who was the editor of The American Gardener, the journal of the American Horticultural Society. It is given annually in the amount of $500 to any full-time or part-time post secondary or graduate student, including technical schools and community colleges, majoring in horticulture, plant science or journalism, with an interest in garden communications.

General Scholarship Grants (Juniors & Seniors)
GardenComm general scholarship grants are provided for college-level juniors or seniors and graduate students enrolled full-time in a full time course of study majoring in Horticulture, Plant Science or Journalism, with an interest in garden communications, including garden photography. General scholarships are given annually and vary in number (2-9) and amount ($500-$1,000) depending on the earnings of the scholarship endowment. It is beneficial for horticulture or plant science majors to have taken courses in journalism and vice-versa, although exceptions will be made.


  • We urge department heads to encourage qualified applicants to apply for this scholarship.
  • Each application must be accompanied by a letter recommendation from the student’s major professor or department head, and an official transcript of the student’s academic record.
  • There shall be no preference with regard to sex, religion, race, national origin, marital status, age or political affiliation. All individuals will be judged solely on the basis of their qualifications and their writing or photographic skills.
  • The institution receiving the grant assumes the responsibility for compliance by the recipient with the requirements of the scholarship.
  • The scholarship grant will be forwarded to the scholarship supervising authority of the institution for presentation to the student or students at an appropriate time and place. GardenComm will not grant monies directly to students.
  • GardenComm requires a written report from the scholarship recipient regarding the use of the grant.
  • GardenComm reserves the right not to award a scholarship(s) in the event no qualified entries are received.

Criteria for Selection

  • The recipient of the GardenComm Kathleen Fisher Memorial Scholarship shall be any full- or part-time post-secondary or gradaute student, including technical schools and community colleges, majoring in horticulture, plant science or journalism, with an interest in garden communications.
  • General scholarship recipient(s) shall be a college or university junior, senior or graduate student enrolled in the Spring Term 2018 as a full-time student majoring in horticulture, plant Science or journalism, with an interest in garden communication, including garden photography.
  • Applicants must submit a minimum of two written compositions or photographs. Published works are preferred.
  • The recipient must plan to complete undergraduate or graduate studies in the institution administering the GardenComm scholarship.
  • The recipient must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • The recipient must be a responsible student and citizen. Recipient must be or have been involved in campus student activities and/or community organizations.


For questions, please contact Jenn Perrone, GardenComm Executive Director at jperrone@kellencompany.com or 212.297.2198.

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